VHF Communication Radio

Case Study: A&R Electronic Developments Ltd provide Subcontract Electronic Manufacturing of VHF Communication Radio

Product: VHF Communication Radio

Market Sector: Communication, Civil and Commercial Aircraft

Client Brief:

The client’s research and development team required technical assistance for their existing radio communication products, and chose A&R Electronic Developments for their specialist radio and communication equipment and design experience. The existing products were critically analysed with particular attention to synthesizer block design and RF power amplifiers. The finished product was tested to ED23C.

A&R Services Provided:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Component Procurement & Inspection
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly – Flow & Hand Soldering
  • Mechanical Product Assembly
  • Quality Control & Final Testing
  • Packaging & Logistics
VHF Communication Radio

While we provide this client case study as a general indication of our technical and manufacturing capacity and experience, we are restricted by the detail that we can offer, as both the client and the product maybe confidential or subject of security restrictions. If you require more details please contact our development team on 01543 579302.