Monitoring System For Sprinkler

Case Study: A&R Electronic Developments Ltd provide Subcontract Electronic Manufacturing of Commercial Sprinkler System Test Equipment

Product: Commercial Sprinkler System Test Equipment

Market Sector: Buildings Systems Management, Commercial Sprinkler Systems

Client Brief:

The client required an electronic automated device to replace a manual process testing the efficient operation of water pumps. A&R’s Electronics Design Team created an electronic interface that is able to measure the water level, pressure and speed. A facility was created for engineers to monitor at local and remote level through internet access. Testing was carried out to UL – United Laboratories approval.

A&R Services Provided:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Electronic Component Procurement & Inspection
  • Internal MRP / Route Card Document Generation
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly – Flow & Hand Soldering
  • Mechanical Product Assembly & Quality Control
  • Final Testing, Packaging & Logistics
Monitoring System For Sprinkler

While we provide this client case study as a general indication of our technical and manufacturing capacity and experience, we are restricted by the detail that we can offer, as both the client and the product maybe confidential or subject of security restrictions. If you require more details please contact our development team on 01543 579302.